Namespace: map


A plain object as a data map extracted from a <form>.

This is basically a plain object with keys as form fields names and values as their respective values.

The values can be strings, numbers or booleans. Currently there is no support for arrays.

The keys can be simple alphanumeric values but can be used to describe a nested or deep map if they have dots in the string in plain maps. The dots are to describe <fieldset>s in the form and improve the structure of complex forms.

If the map is plain and its keys have dots in the strings, it can be converted to a nested map. The inverse is the same, if the map is nested and has possibly many levels of deep objects, it can be converted to a plain map with dots in the keys describing the deep fields.

  • The settings.enableNestedMaps which is used in the validation methods to determine how to treat the data map. Mainly used in server-side.
  • The jQuery.fn.vulcanval `getMap` method which extracts a data map from the form or fields used in validation. Used in client-side.


// Plain map.
const plainMap = {
  normal: 'value0',
  another: true,
  'using.dots.inside': 100

// Nested map.
const nestedMap = {
  name: 'Romel Pérez',
  age: 22,
  like: {
    apple: true,
    watermelon: true,
    pumpkin: false
  favourite: {
    fruit: 'Cantaloupe',
    book: 'Spice and Wolf',
    game: 'World of Warcraft'